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Gillette announces 2018 grooming solutions

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BOSTON — Procter & Gamble Co.’s (P&G’s) Gillette brand will launch in January eight grooming solutions for both men and women that will sell across a wide range of price points.

These products will include a cooling technology for disposable razors, the first Venus facial hair removal device and new Gillette3 and Gillette5 refillable razors for under $10.

The company said the lineup simultaneously brings innovation up, down and across the Gillette portfolio, marking a very different approach for the brand, which has mainly innovated at the top of the portfolio.

“For over a century, our goal has been to deliver the best, most reliable grooming experience possible for consumers,” said Charlie Pierce, group president of global grooming for P&G. “With this launch, we are demonstrating that this commitment is true for every single product tier in our portfolio — and we are making Gillette’s technology even more accessible to men and women everywhere. We want consumers to know that whatever their need, we have a product that will deliver a superior experience and unbeatable value.”

New products for men will ­be:

  • New Gillette Sensor3 Cool, disposable razors with Cooling Technology: Gillette is introducing  cooling technology for disposable razors, and will sell for a suggested $4.99 to $6.99.
  • New Gillette3 and Gillette5 razors: For under $10, these razors deliver an ultra-close and comfortable shave and a new soft Aqua Grip handle. Gillette5 also features atomic carbon and telomer coatings. They will sell for a suggested $7.99 to $9.99.
  • Improved Gillette Fusion5 and Gillette MACH3 cartridges will be upgraded with low cutting force blades. The finer, thinner blades have an advanced low-resistance coating enabling them to cut through hair with less tug and pull, and they will sell for a suggested $9.99 for MACH3 and $14.99 for Fusion 4-pack of ­cartridges.

New products for women will ­be:

  • New Venus Face Perfection makes facial hair removal more convenient with its first facial hair root removal device, and will sell for a suggested $34.99.
  • New Venus Bikini Precision enables women to trim, shape and line the bikini area. It comes in a slim and pen-like design for easy storage and control, and will sell for a suggested $19.99.
  • New Venus Platinum has a heavy and well-balanced handle. The razor delivers a smooth and comfortable shave with a metal handle, and will sell for a suggested $8.99 for razor and cartridge.


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