GMDC adds educational resource for suppliers

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The Global Market Development Center (GMDC) announced Wednesday that it has launched an online educational resource designed to help general  merchandise and  health  beauty  wellness suppliers launch  products  in  the  North  American  marketplace  through  both  brick-and-mortar  and  e-commerce channels.

GMDCPowered  by  the  CPG  Institute,  a retail education advisory firm, the GMDC  Academy  aims to give participants an insider’s view of all facets of the new product launch process, said GMDC president and CEO Patrick  Spear.

“With the help of our partners at The CPG Institute, we have reimagined online education to give participants an insider’s view of all facets leading to successful execution at retail,” Spear said in a statement. “GMDC Academy has been uniquely developed to make new suppliers ‘retail ready’ and to advance the skills and effectiveness of even large, established vendors. In just a few hours, participants gain the precise knowledge needed to anticipate and plan for every step of selling products through traditional and emerging channels. Participants learn the language, expectations and relevant operations of the retail community, helping them optimize results.”

The GMDC Academy coursework was developed using the guidance of retail senior executives, according to the trade group, and is intended to provide a behind-the-scenes look at how buyers make listing decisions. The course will provide suppliers with expertise on such capabilities as product placement and promotion, setting realistic goals, mastering the rare art of effective follow-up, and establishing a foundation for long-term success. Participants who complete the seven mastery modules in the course will be acknowledged with “retail ready” credentials that will be recognized at GMDC events.

“The CPG Institute provides professional education and advisory services that enable suppliers to make the most of every valuable minute they spend with retailers.” said institute managing partner George Fiscus. “GMDC Academy integrates audio and video segments that provide impactful, sometimes humorous, and always memorable guidance drawn from real interactions among suppliers and retailers. Participants will become more effective, valued business partners.”




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