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Industry mourns the passing of H-E-B’s Robert Morton

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Industry mourns the passing of H-E-B’s Robert Morton

SAN ANTONIO — Robert Morton, an innovative leader who worked as the director of healthy living at H-E-B, suddenly passed away while attending the Expo West show.  He was 56 years old. The unwavering commitment that Morton had to advancing health and well-being had a profound impact on the lives of a great number of people, and those who had the honor of knowing him will always remember his legacy.

During the entirety of his time working at H-E-B, he exhibited an unshakeable dedication to bettering the lives of others through his efforts to encourage individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles and to boost community involvement. His enthusiasm for health and wellness was infectious, and it motivated not just his coworkers but also his clients to adopt healthier behaviors and put their health at the forefront of their priorities.

Because he was actively involved in a wide range of community initiatives and philanthropic endeavors, his influence was felt well beyond the confines of H-E-B. These endeavors were aimed at enhancing the health of the general public and providing individuals with the ability to lead healthier lives. The panorama of health and wellness in San Antonio and beyond was significantly shaped by his leadership and vision, which played a vital part in molding the landscape


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