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Kardex Solutions teams with Tompkins Robotics

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Kardex Solutions teams with Tompkins Robotics

ORLANDO, Fla. — In a move that aims to revolutionize the world of distribution and fulfillment operations, Tompkins Robotics, a global leader in robotic automation, and Kardex Solutions, a prominent Global Business Partner of AutoStore and provider of cutting-edge intralogistics solutions, have announced a strategic partnership. This dynamic collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of delivering top-tier automated systems for the modern era.

Kardex Solutions, renowned for its expertise in automated storage, retrieval, and material handling systems, will leverage this partnership to offer its customers the pinnacle of robotic solutions in picking, sortation, and take-away automation, courtesy of Tompkins Robotics.

One of the standout benefits of this partnership is the ability for Kardex Solutions to provide its clients with a comprehensive package. This includes coupling their AutoStore solution with Tompkins Robotics’ tSortTM system, resulting in amplified efficiencies and a swift return on investment (ROI) for the automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS). The end result? Customers can expect enhanced service levels and heightened competitiveness within their respective industries.

Mike Futch, President, and CEO of Tompkins Robotics, shared his excitement regarding this groundbreaking collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Kardex will help customers drive labor savings, greater automation of fulfillment processes, and create value beyond what either firm can deliver individually. The innovative solutions delivered by our partnership allow efficiencies and cost savings for our customers.”

Futch continued to elaborate on the added benefits of teaming up with Kardex Solutions for an AutoStore project, highlighting a significant increase in productivity. “Working with Kardex Solutions to deploy the AutoStore and tSort solutions as an integrated whole will increase destinations available for each bin presentation by 20X in the system. With tSort, the AutoStore can have any port reach any destination and allow the AutoStore system to have a large batch capability, making the combined system much more efficient.”

Mitch Hayes, President of Kardex Solutions, also expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting, “We’re excited to partner with Tompkins Robotics. In addition to being a leader in supply chain innovation, Tompkins has a great reputation for quality products and on-time project delivery. Just like the AutoStore Control Software (ACS), tSort will directly integrate into the Kardex FullfillX WES platform, which will ensure our clients get a streamlined software solution for their overall system. At Kardex Solutions, we’re focused on delivering AutoStore solutions that maximize value for our clients through straightforward designs and solutions. Adding tSort to our portfolio allows our clients to more efficiently fulfill orders while reducing their operating costs.”

To gain deeper insights into this powerful partnership between Kardex and Tompkins Robotics, industry professionals and enthusiasts are invited to attend PACK EXPO, taking place from September 11 to 13 in Las Vegas. Both brands will showcase their innovations at adjacent booths, N-10129 and N-10130, offering a firsthand look at the future of automated distribution and fulfillment operations.


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