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Kroger promotes back-to-school vaccinations and physicals

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Kroger promotes back-to-school vaccinations and physicals

CINCINNATI — Kroger Health, the health care division of The Kroger Co., is reminding and encouraging students and customers to get vaccinated ahead of the upcoming school year to protect against and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

“Back-to-school preparations should include making sure students are up to date on their vaccinations and completing their pre-participation physicals for athletics and extracurricular activities,” said Meggen Brown, chief nursing officer of Kroger Health. “When students are vaccinated, they protect themselves, other students, their families and their communities. Pre-participation physicals can detect health concerns before participation.”

Different vaccines are recommended for children through college-aged young adults based on, among other things, school and extracurricular requirements. These can range from measles, mumps and rubella to meningococcal vaccinations and yearly flu shots. When students are protected against vaccine-preventable illnesses, they experience fewer absences due to illness which may provide them the opportunity to more fully participate in classroom activities and maximize their learning potential. It also helps prevent the spread of disease and protects those most vulnerable from serious complications.

The Little Clinic also provides wellness screenings, annual physicals, routine tests and other important preventive health care services for children and adults. For a comprehensive list of vaccinations and services, consult a health care provider at  local Kroger Co. family of pharmacies or The Little Clinic. Schedule an appointment at


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