MeMD becomes Walmart Health Virtual Care

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The telehealth company MeMD has changed its name to Walmart Health Virtual Care, reflecting the final stages of its acquisition by Walmart Health, which was announced last May.

Walmart Health Virtual Care“In this next evolution of MeMD, we are excited to begin officially delivering services as Walmart Health Virtual Care, bringing affordable, high-quality telehealth options to as many organizations as possible,” said Bill Goodwin, who is head of the unit. “This is also a win for our current patients and employers who will have access to a wide range of additional health offerings under the Walmart Health umbrella.”

Walmart Health Virtual Care provides enterprise-level organizations and groups nationwide with access to telehealth services, including urgent care, primary care and behavioral healthcare, complementing brick-and-mortar Walmart Health centers where patients can access in-person care. Walmart Health Virtual Care will be available first in the new Walmart Health centers that have opened in Florida, with plans to expand to centers elsewhere over the next several months.

Walmart Health Virtual Care says its new identity will not change its efforts to innovate and redefine the telehealth landscape. Walmart Health Virtual Care has announced the development of a signature diabetes program, for example, that was developed in collaboration with the American Diabetes Association. The program is meant to help organizations close gaps in diabetes management among employees and their families.



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