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RB launches Cough, Cold and Flu Navigator with WebMD

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NEW YORK — RB’s Mucinex brand has created and launched the Cough, Cold, and Flu Navigator, a digital tool designed to simplify consumer’s O-T-C purchase experience.

Available within WebMD and via retail at-shelf integrations, the navigator helps streamline the consumer experience with a personalized platform that shortens the purchase decision process to help consumers quickly find the best ingredients and products to treat their symptoms.

Consumers enter their symptoms and product preference type in a seamless digital process, which then determines which RB product would best help alleviate their symptoms. If a consumer is unsure of their symptoms, the Navigator provides education on what each symptom is, what active ingredient is best to treat it and even offers non-O-T-C remedies that could offer relief. In addition, consumers have the option to sign up to the Mucinex Mucus Fighters+ CRM program and receive a $5 digital coupon instantly via text to redeem in-store.

“In today’s ‘new normal,’ innovations that simplify access to our family of products and provide accurate health care information are critical in helping our consumers,” said Katelyn Ettenger, senior consumer journey manager for North America Health at RB. “We know the power of our products and using WebMD’s technology to help consumers make better decisions, to champion self-care and most of all give them a sense of control continues to fulfill RB’s mission of being a helper during these very turbulent times.”


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