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Target gives a makeover to 25 units

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MINNEAPOLIS — Target Corp. has completed the redesign of more than 25 stores in the Twin Cities area.

Target Corp. has completed the redesign of more than 25 stores in the Twin Cities area.

The remodeled units are among the more than 350 redesigned stores that Target hopes to open by the end of the year.

The stores feature an open-market grocery layout, stocked with a selection of fresh produce, fresh meat and baked goods. The new layout features reinventions in several other areas throughout the store — including beauty, home, shoes and electronics — to provide shoppers with what Target describes as the "ultimate shopping experience, all at a great value."

Target executives point out that the stores’ increased fresh food selection is designed to make it easier for consumers to do fill-in shopping.

The redesigns include a product assortment that offers 90% of the categories found in a SuperTarget, interactive displays and wider aisles to make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable for guests.

"Target developed these concepts in response to guest feedback," senior vice president of merchandising Annette Miller says. "This is one of the many ways we’re evolving our store design to deliver one-stop shopping and convenience for our guests."

In addition to the expanded fresh food layout, the stores’ beauty departments have been remodeled with softer lighting, curved fixtures and interactive screens to help shoppers select the right beauty products for their individual needs. Also, the stores’ home departments have wider aisles and lower fixtures that let guests see more of the department at a glance.


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