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Walgreens teams with Tripadvisor to promote safe travel

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DEERFIELD, Ill. – Walgreens announced Wednesday a partnership with Tripadvisor to promote and encourage safe and responsible travel during spring break and school vacations in the United States. By leveraging Tripadvisor’s first-party data and massive reach among high-intent travelers, Walgreens will promote travelers’ ability to easily access one of thousands of locations across the U.S offering free drive-thru COVID-19 testing, vaccination appointments, and travel essentials.


“Before you go there, start here.” Get tested and enjoy your travels. That’s the message Walgreens wants millions of Spring Breakers to hear before they travel.

“To help college students and families alike prepare for their trip, Tripadvisor will be showcasing information on Walgreens’ COVID-19 testing solutions to its millions of spring travelers as a convenient option to help them feel prepared and comfortable traveling,” said Christine Maguire, vice president of Global Media Business at Tripadvisor. “As many restrictions are easing around the U.S, 65% of Americans agree that it is safe to travel this spring. Tripadvisor and Walgreens have come together with the aim of guiding all travelers to a worry-free trip.”

As Omicron cases are declining and restrictions are easing globally, more Americans are ready to travel. According to a recent Tripadvisor survey, 45% of Americans report planning to travel this March and April, including 68% of Gen Z travelers.

Of those travelers, 68% are expected to take a rapid COVID-19 antigen test before, during or after their trip. The Gen Z demographic has the highest percentage of travelers planning to take a COVID-19 test with a massive 89%. Notably, 46% of travelers will most commonly take a test before their trip.

“With many regions easing COVID-19 mitigation measures, people will need to evaluate their own comfort level with COVID-19 risk ahead of travel and other activities,” said Dr. Kevin Ban, chief medical officer, Walgreens. “When planning for upcoming travel, getting a COVID-19 test at Walgreens is especially important if you’re symptomatic, unvaccinated, plan to be in mixed company of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals or concerned about exposing a loved one who is immunocompromised.”

The partnership with Walgreens includes a series of short form animated videos, branded content where travelers can learn more and book convenient, free drive-thru COVID-19 testing or vaccine appointments, purchase at-home COVID-19 tests, as well as get tips for stocking up on safety items and travel essentials. Tripadvisor will also promote Walgreens’ drive-thru testing locations via dynamic banners on its site, targeting travelers at various stages of their travel journey.

Why COVID-19 travel safety matters:

  • 22% of Americans still find it difficult to access or understand where to get COVID-19 testing to support travel decisions.
  • 62% of Americans say they feel more comfortable visiting businesses that have COVID-19 related safety measures in place (sanitation practices, contactless technology, social distancing, etc.)
  • 86% of Americans reference local safety or COVID-19 entry and exit guidelines before traveling at least sometimes.
  • Still crowd-shy: 38% of Americans want to completely avoid crowds while traveling, while 28% will only visit crowded areas if everyone is wearing a mask (rising to 47% of Gen Z).

This is the latest in a series of partnerships Tripadvisor has announced with major non-endemic clients including HBO Max, Lysol, and Cutwater Spirits, as the company aims to better leverage its global audience of high-value, high-intent travelers, data and brand-safe platform to capture a bigger piece of the large and growing digital media advertising market. As travel is beginning to surge once again, now is the perfect time for advertisers to get their message in front of these audiences.


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