The time to return to work is now

To loosely quote a memorable Martin Luther King passage: “We face some difficult days ahead.” Perhaps no words more accurately capture the current situation facing the nation’s mass retailers. The notification, hardly surprising given the current state of the industry, that the National Association of Chain Drug Stores has been forced to cancel its annual

Retail staffers in midst of finest hour

The hundreds of thousands of employees who make the retail marketplace function, those staffers who are frequently overlooked, routinely unnoticed by their superiors, and all-too-frequently underpaid, undervalued and underappreciated, have emerged as the heroes and heroines of the coronavirus ­pandemic. They have routinely accomplished the impossible, working exhaustingly long hours with little rest and less

Virus advice: follow directions

The coronavirus has become, in very short order, the compelling story of the year, a year in which the upcoming presidential election until recently threatened or promised to drown out every other story. Simply put, America, and the rest of the world, doesn’t know how to respond, or indeed if any response is either adequate

ECRM’s impact greater than ever

ECRM’s impact greater than ever

Under the innovative and productive leadership of Greg Farrar, ECRM, the retailer- and supplier-focused sales and marketing organization, has emerged as one of the most important trade organizations serving the mass retailing community. This didn’t happen overnight. When Farrar signed on as ECRM’s president some seven years ago, the organization, which had been founded over

Walmart recognized for unrivaled omnichannel retailing

Walmart recognized for unrivaled omnichannel retailing

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Recognizing the dramatically changing mass retailing marketplace, the editors of Mass Market Retailers have selected Walmart as the initial recipient of the publication’s newly created award for the most outstanding U.S. omnichannel ­retailer. The designation of Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, for this recognition was not a difficult decision. In 2019, the

When price is an afterthought

On the day before Thanksgiving an acquaintance of ours wandered into a CVS drug store in Mendham, N.J. There, at the store’s entrance, was a display, a Disney Lionel train set. Price: $79.95. Our acquaintance, a longtime Lionel train buff, immediately snapped it up, took it home, assembled the track and, by 8:00 that night,

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