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Issue 09-11-2023

Private sector overhaul looms in PBM arena

Value-based care is coming to the PBM sector. Blue Shield of California last month launched a program that eschews the entrenched pharmacy benefits management model, replacing it with a consortium of companies — which includes Amazon Pharmacy and Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. — assembled to change the way prescription drugs are purchased and 

Why accelerating your dollar store strategy makes sense

Why accelerating your dollar store strategy makes sense

A few years back, when I was with Dollar General in the chief merchant’s seat, Fortune saw us as “a crafty mix of 7-Eleven-like convenience and Walmart-like low prices.” Yeah, but that description doesn’t begin to do justice to the strong value-and-convenience proposition of the value channel — a proposition that’s put Dollar General and

How to deliver (and improve) the connected customer experience

Nowadays, the customer experience (CX) is a lot like an orchestra. Just as a conductor orchestrates the timing and rhythm of various instruments to create a harmonious symphony, organizations need to synchronize all channels and touchpoints to deliver a seamless customer journey. From social media and email to voice calls, chat and text, consumers are