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Kroger posts 3Q gains in profit and market share

Kroger posts 3Q gains in profit and market share

CINCINNATI — The Kroger Co. today said third-quarter sales declined from a year earlier as cautious shoppers spent less. But its operating profit grew more than 8% as the retailer gained market share and posted an 11% increase in digital sales compared with a year ago. The number of digitally engaged household increased 13% in

Grocers need a long-term, scalable e-commerce platform

E-commerce grocery sales were modest and rising slowly as 2020 started. Once the pandemic forced lockdowns and restaurant closures across the United States, the story changed significantly. Consumers flocked online for essential purchases, adding $102.08 billion in revenue in 2020, and another $116.45 billion in 2021, according to Digital Commerce 360. Overall in 2021, consumers