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Issue 08-07-2023

Fashion a springboard for Innovation with ‘design thinking’

Fashion a springboard for Innovation with ‘design thinking’

“Innovate by starting with the customer and working backward.” That’s what Jeff Bezos says. Who wouldn’t agree? From new products to packaging to consumer experiences, you’ve got to walk in your customer’s shoes. Dig deep to understand what they really want and need. How they think. Why they act. Essentially, design thinking.  Given today’s super-charged,

Sustainable initiatives will result in doing well by doing good

Sustainability is generally defined as the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources to maintain an ecological balance. The three principles forming its foundation are profit, people and the planet. In today’s market, a superior product is no longer enough to win a consumer’s favor. Shoppers are seeking much more than just features and benefits,

Reduce the volume of returns with preventive technology

Returns are a touchy subject. When a famous and well-loved retailer, known for its iconic footwear, flannel products and liberal return policies, announced a few years back that it was tightening returns policies, it attracted considerable media attention. The media coverage was primarily negative, and upset consumers lambasted the retailer on social media. Despite the