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Issue 04-17-2023

Don’t forget the individual shopper behind the aggregated data

Sometimes it feels like our world revolves around data. Certainly, in retail, it can be easy to forget about the individual consumer behind the aggregated data attributes that have been collected about them. For instance, a few years ago when HRG was building the Self-Care Roadmap, we were looking at point-of-sale data and consumer purchase

How to make the future less disruptive than the recent past

Who knew how quickly retailers would respond to pandemic shopping, which drove a surge in demand for store pickup. Who knew how resourcefully retailers would respond to online orders for basic groceries and health categories that had been grounded in brick store buying. Who knew how much manufacturers would struggle as the global pandemic dismantled

Retailers can help ensure perimenopausal women find support

It usually happens when women are in their 40s, but sometimes earlier. Suddenly, a monthly cycle that was predictable becomes erratic. Fluctuating hormones begin to impact aspects of daily life, from sleep to relationships to bladder changes. It’s called perimenopause, and retailers have the opportunity to help redefine how women navigate this phase of life.

Amid dramatic near-term change, AI is going to be essential

What a roller coaster these last several years have been! COVID, historic inflation, supply chain issues and fast-changing customer preferences brought on by these major shifts have fundamentally changed how we work, live, play … and shop. We see three major factors with considerable impact for the retail industry in the coming 18 months, including: