COVID-19 crisis puts retailers to the test

For retail companies that sell essential merchandise and remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis has created new exigencies that are testing their mettle. With consumer preferences and shopping patterns undergoing sudden and dramatic shifts, stores have had to scramble to meet unprecedented demand, while at the same time doing everything they can to

Pandemic hits retail on multiple fronts

NEW YORK — The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting the retail industry on multiple fronts. As the disease began to spread in the United States and globally earlier this month, retailers had to deal with interrupted supply chains, sick employees, empty shelves and the possibility that consumer spending in retail stores will plummet as containment efforts

Retailers ready for holiday rush

NEW YORK — As the holiday shopping season gets under way, the latest forecasts suggest that consumer spending will be up this year. But retailers are taking no chances, offering special deals and free shipping to get customers to shop their stores or websites. Walmart announced this month that it is expanding its product assortment

Election leaves question marks

NEW YORK — Retailers expect the Republican Party takeover of the executive and legislative branches of government on January 20 to impact several issues important to the industry, including health care, trade and taxes. As the nation’s second-largest private-sector employer, retailers have closely tracked implementation of the Affordable Care Act over the past six years

High holiday hopes

NEW YORK — The nation’s retailers and suppliers can take heart from early indications that the 2016 holiday shopping season will bring good cheer. Millions of Americans have already turned their attention to the holidays, according to the Holiday Consumer Pulse Poll from Rubicon Project Inc., a provider of technology to automate the buying and

Investment strategies

NEW YORK — Most retailers see online retailing as a critical part of their growth strategy, but that does not mean they can afford to neglect their brick-and-mortar stores. And in recent weeks a number of chains have detailed the sizable investments they plan to make in their physical stores this year. Dollar General Corp.,